Last Year I popped in to do some work at BBC Worldwide with the EARTH UNPLUGGED team,

I worked on a couple of different properties with editor/long suffering friend Lawrence Bowden aka @LB_cuts and Valentine Riva (Lawrie’s even longer suffering girlfriend)

I was animating motion graphics and designs by KISS MY PIXEL.

Here’s one of our collaborations all the footage is re-cycled from the BBC’s natural history archive.


GoProFosho logo

I recently got a GoPro Hero 3 which (if you didn’t know) is an awesome little camera about 2.5 inches in size that shoots super rad HD video.

Anyway old Gavin Strange AKA JamFactory got one too and we have decided to do film challenges. We both take on making a film based around a theme.

Bristol was hit by snow just over a week ago and we thought this gave us the opportunity to have a warm up round so… we swapped sd cards and have done an edit challenge, same footage – different edits.

Vote for your Favourite!


Currently working for a really cool and lovely company called HYPE & SLIPPERS, they currently do beautifully designed branding and websites. They called me in to put together a couple of animations for a green company (can’t give too much away). The Animation are going really well and the client is a great guy. Can’t wait to reveal all our hard work.



I have a mis-hap with my kitchen knife and lost a piece of my finger. I took a picture between 2 and 4 times a day until it had fully healed. Took about a month. Can’t help animating these things… I got a comment on vimeo saying *employs stupid voice: ‘should have done it on black paper and kept your finger in the exactly the same place each time’… I like it like this… if he thinks he can do it better… he should go cut half his finger off… I bet doing this will be the furthest thing from his mind.



So fresh out of Aardman, my frist piece of freelance work was a stop motion animation for web market company ‘Kaboodle’.

They needed an animation to explain what their service did. They originally wanted a motion graphic type piece but I managed to sell the idea that we did a motion graphic style piece but made it entirely out of paper. Here is the finished piece:


A month ago I left Aardman Animations after over four years of service (Longest held job), and now I am on the path of the freelancer.

After moving into my new flat and finishing my first freelance job, I finally got around to making a showreel, Here it is below.

I’ve also Knocked up a presenter reel! The bases are covered!

Check out my CV!



A few years ago I was skateboarding with some of my friends. It was a hot day and after hitting St George’s park we though it was good enough weather to warrant a visit to Filton Skatepark in north Bristol.

I was having a fun day and was enjoying skating the ‘block to drop off’ on this I sessioned my way up to harder tricks and eventually got stuck… on a noseblunt. A trick that I would usually do quite comfortably if I was to apply myself. The problem at Filton was that the day was sooo hot that the ground was abnormally slippery. This slippery ground seems to be a common occurrence at Filton and it proved to be the bane of my life for about 3 hours as I attempted the same noseblunt over 234 times only to slip-out and slam over and over again. On this day the light was failing and I was so exhausted I had to give up but, I volved to return and slay the beast that made me look like a new born gazelle.

Well recently… I returned. Needless to say the slippery floor was happily making a nuisance of its self again… But I, undeterred struggled on and eventually got my reward after a mere 158 attempts… here’s VOL 2 of ‘The NoseBlunt Saga’.

Proving that persistance and determination will prevail!!!!

I Hope you enjoy!